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Secure Storage For All Your E-Tools

Modern businesses invest heavily in making sure that the right technology is used to improve business performance, but what is keeping that technology safe?

Secure storage for all your laptops, tablets, scanners and e-tools

How can industrial vending machines secure your e-tools?

Secure Storage

Our Autolocker systems give businesses the ability to store any and all types of e-tools. From laptops to tablets and even scanners. Our systems have 22 different sizes of draws and locker doors that fit into our modular frames. This level of flexibility means that no matter the size of item you require to store we always have a solution.

Our lockers based solutions have perspex windows allowing for visibility of items but with motor driven door mechanisms meaning your items will always be secure.

Full access control means all items will be fully tracked whenever they are taken out. it also means that you can restrict access if you need to.


Fully Charge Items

All of our draws and lockers can have an option of charging facilities added to each section. The software then manages the charge levels for all items, so when an employee wants an item to be vended the software can be set so only fully charged or most charged items are then vended out.


Software Updates

Similar to the process of charging items, network cables can be added to each draw or locker. This gives a business the ability to do essential software updates on their e-tools when they are not being used.