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IntelliPort® Lite

Revolutionary inventory control for unattended tool cribs.

Utilising the latest in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the IntelliPort® Lite can control an unlimited number of inventory items through its automated gateway.


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Delivering the lowest cost per vended item in high-volume environments.


Radio Frequency Identification

Intelliport® lite is a turnkey system using RFID readers placed at a key choke point, to track movement of RFID tags in and out of a controlled tool crib.

Intelliport - limitless stores area

Limitless Stores Area

Designed in both single and double door configurations this is a great choice for smaller storerooms and cribs. You’ll find the IntelliPort® Lite is the perfect solution where a high number of items need to be issued or where there are many large or bulky items.

The possibilities with Intelliport Lite are limitless 

Management inventory control

Using advanced gauge calibration software you can track inventory by date, the number of days on the floor, the number of cycles it has run or any combination of these factors. The software will physically stop users from leaving with items that are out of calibration helping you to remain audit compliant and keep high ISO quality standards.

RFID covering every angle

Large RFID antennas completely saturate the internal area of the IntelliPort® Lite framework increasing the speed of read rate. It also uses photo beam body mass indicators to detect users in the portal, allowing for multiple users to access the tool crib at the same time.

The latest trend-setting RFID technology

The IntelliPort® uses modern Class 1, Gen-2, passive RFID tags. This provides a wide variety of tags for any unique application. Everything from very low-cost paper tags or labels that are assigned by an RFID tag printer, to sophisticated metal tags that are as small as a pencil eraser.


Use your own existing employee badges, use your existing tools, use whatever brand of RFID tags you prefer to use. The IntelliPort® Lite system is brand agnostic and won’t lock your choices down.

Product Specifications


IntelliPort Lite


Double Door - 87.922”W (223.32cm) x 93.625”H (237.80cm) x 54.250 ”D (137.80cm) • Walkway-space is 44” (111cm) between the doorway

Touchscreen Size


Enclosure Dimensions 

Double Door - 87.922”W (223.32cm) x 93.625”H (237.80cm) x 54.250 ”D (137.80cm)


100-240VAC– 50/60HZ, 5A/2.5A MAX


12-month warranty

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