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Calibrated & Reground Tool Management With Industrial Vending Machines

The management of calibrated and reground items is critical to any business. Along with the management of audit processes and eliminating FOD, industrial vending machines and systems can add countless valve to a business and also save huge amounts of money

Gain full control of calibrated tools using our smart industrial vending machines


Management & Control of Item Calibration

Control of calibrated items can be critical to any business. Not only understanding where the items are and the secure storage of the said items, but also tracking and controlling the calibration dates to guarantee that they do not use tools outside of a calibration. The smart software will also flag to a business in advance of those date lapsing. Industrial vending machines and asset management systems add valve to businesses by giving the below benefits.

  • Never use tools out of calibration again - Once an item goes past its calibration date  the industrial vending machine will automatically lock the item down.
  • Items automatically locked down after the last use - Once an item is used for the last allowable time it can be vending back into the system but will then be locked down pending recalibration.
  • Systems will flag calibration needs ahead of time - Systems can be set to a businesses own parameters so that calibration needs are flagged well in advance of recalibration dates. this allows businesses to successful manage tools and never need to pause work while waiting for the correct tools or carry needless extra tools to mitigate problems.

Management of Regrind Solutions

Regrinding tools can add a significant amount of money back into businesses. The management of these items however is critical. Businesses need to successful mange these to make sure out of process use does not occur. Industrial vending manages and solutions can help this process by:

  • Set parameters to us reconditioned items first - Setting up how you want to use these items means they can always be used first before using new items. The system will also flag in advance when items are coming to the end of their life.
  • Lock items down when they pass their useful life - once an item goes past its useful life or past a certain amount of uses it will be locked down within the system.
  • Lock items down when use by dates are passed - certain items do have use by dates, these can be inputted into the software as part of the delivery PO. This means items with the shortest life will be used first and any items past their useful life will be locked down.

Become Completely Compliant With Industry & Audit Standards

Every business needs to be fully compliant with industry standards, proving compliance to customers and also auditing bodies can sometimes be tricky along with the process of proving compliance of items used or proving what was used when, where and by who. Industrial vending machines and software allows you to manage all of this simply:

  • Never use the wrong part or tool again - by setting up jobs within the system, parts and tools are vended to employees rather than allowing employees free reign to select what they believe they need or choosing to substitute certain parts or tools for others if they cannot find what they want.
  • Easily comply with all audits - Every transaction can be tracked allowing for the auditing process to go as smoothly as possible. No matter what information an auditor needs its simply a click of a button and the data is instantly available.
  • Completely paperless environment allows for all tracing to be done through the system - Gone are the days of keeping entire store rooms full of paper records which not only take up valuable space but also uses large amounts of time when tracking down information. With intelligent cloud based systems this information can be pulled up within seconds. Items can be tracked back through the system for as long as its been implemented for.


FOD Elimination

  • Track all items - From parts to tools you will know what is where and when. When a job is finished and items need to be brought back into stores or put back into the industrial vending system the system can flag when they are back and also alarm if items haven't been returned.
  • Confidential know what has been used when and where - The system can be interrogated  to give confidence to any business that all the correct parts and tools have been used. This allows businesses to prove due diligence with regards to their processes.
  • No part will ever be lost or misplaced - with full access control you can track every item to its last known usage giving businesses confidence that items are not left out of stores or lost somewhere in the process.
  • Full systems recall for item usage via the cloud-based software - When something does go wrong have the confidence that with the click of a button you can instantly track what has been used where and when. Nobody wants to have to use recall processes, but when you do you want to have confidence in the speed and the accuracy of the system.


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