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Financing Options

At Frasar we realise that not all businesses want to or can purchase machines and systems outright. This is why we have various options for how you can get the best industrial vending machines and solutions today but pay in ways that work for you.


Outright Purchase of Industrial Vending Machines

For businesses that want to purchase industrial vending machines outright from Frasar we make the process as simple as possible and follow the below steps:

  1. We will engage with you to understand what your needs are as a business and then make recommendations based on these needs.
  2. Our recommendations will then come with proposed costs of said systems.
  3. Once a business has settled on a final proposal we will give the business a full quote on the vending machines and systems it has chosen.
  4. If a business then chooses to order these machines we will confirm lead times and take an initial deposit, the remaining balance is then split between shipment of order and the full install of our machines.


Hiring of Industrial Vending Machines

If businesses want to look at financing options for industrial vending machines from Frasar the process is just as simple as purchasing.

Steps 1-3 will remain the same but when we give a final quote we will also give a quote for rental though our financing partner. The following steps are then followed:

  1. A business will choose how long it wants to take the rental over.
  2. The industrial vending machines are then paid for monthly.
  3. At the end of the term the business can engage with Frasar to either keep the rental going, give the machines back, upgrade the machines or for an admin fee purchase the machines outright from Frasar.

The benefits of this system means that a business can write off the initial purchasing price against corporation tax. This means any profits the business makes can have the original purchase price written off against the 19% corporation tax helping save further money against the machines price.


The below tables are based on £100,000 worth of machine value. *This is an example quote and each quote will be given on an individual business basis and subject to each business passing the eligibility criteria.

tower leasing table


Multiple Purchase Discounts

For businesses looking to purchase multiple industrial vending machines we offer levels of discount dependent on how many machines the business wants. We will honour these across multiple sites within the same business as well.