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Industrial Vending Machines

From Frasar


Industrial vending machines from Frasar are powering applications in every industry and at every scale.


Frasar provide point of use access to industrial supplies. Our solutions automatically track all transactions and costing data such as department, job, machine, cost centre, customer number and other customer fields. Providing secure 24-7 access with employee accountability for your inventory.

We will help you effectively control & vend tools, MRO, PPE, safety supplies, gloves, inserts, cutting-tools, batteries, keys, welding supplies, valves, fasteners, bench-stock, abrasives, spare parts, e-tools, CTKs, laptops, test equipment, gauges and anything else in your inventory you need to manage.

We deliver truly innovative smart vending solutions for inventory control which give you the highest return on your investment.

Reduce Inventory Spending

Short Payback Period

Increase Productivity

Business Audit By Frasar

Allow Frasar to help your business understand the benefits of industrial vending and our industrial vending machines.

We are the official UK provider for AutoCrib


Arcturus empowers you to track costs and consumption by item, user, job number, or department with advanced tracking and access control. You can also create custom access profiles based on each job, user, machine, or group.

Cost savings

Industrial vending machines save time and money by using real-time data to build custom reports based on the data that affects your business. Automate your purchasing processes by setting reorder points at any level, and automatically create and send multiple purchase orders directly to suppliers.

Cloud based

Manage all your machines and customers from anywhere on any web-enabled device. Get highly secure data storage and experience unlimited scalability with the inventory management software built by inventory management leaders.

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