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AutoCrib® VLM

The first vertical lift module that has the capability and user friendliness to be called a vending machine.


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Reclaim Valuable Space

The AutoCrib® VLM Vertical Lift Module system provides up to 80% more inventory storage than traditional shelving and requires only 47 square feet of floor space, giving you more room for manufacturing, warehousing, kitting operations, shipping/receiving, quality control and offices.

You can save up to 1,400 square feet per 25ft VLM system vs. traditional shelving. That’s £14,000 saved per year at a conservative £10/sq. ft. warehousing cost.

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Inventory Control and Accuracy

Fraser solutions have the most advanced and accurate technology for inventory management on the market. More than an automated shelf, it provides item-level inventory management, advanced permissions-based access controls and powerful reporting capabilities.

Managers are provided with unequalled actionable information, as it automatically and accurately records every transaction leading to real time inventory counts, eliminating cycle counts and costly physical inventory shutdowns.

We are the official UK provider for AutoCrib

Let the VLM do your heavy lifting.

The VLM vertical lift module is up to 80% more space efficient than traditional shelving or cabinet storage systems and is designed to issue specific items from the smallest fasteners to V flange holders and large items.


Inventory can be retrieved quickly and routed in sequence to your order pickers. A single operator can run multiple vertical lift module systems virtually eliminating operator dwell time. You can see a sustainable 20 - 40% increase in picking productivity.

Reduce workplace injuries

Items are presented to employees at a comfortable ergonomically correct workstation. Every item is in the 'Golden Zone' with no need for employees to bend down, reach up or climb.

Greater flexibility

The VLM systems offer unparalleled flexibility as they are modularised and easy to implement, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into an existing infrastructure, or gradually expand your automated storage solution over different phases. The modular design gives you the ability to change the unit’s height to meet future needs.

No repackaging required

Vertical lift storage systems are incredibly flexible systems. You can use your existing boxes, totes, and bins — no special bins or product carriers are required.

Employee accountability

Advanced permissions-based access controls track warehouse transactions to specific employees, reminding them to take responsibility for each item they obtain.

High reliability

Our patented full-width extractor for storing and retrieving trays is engineered to be remarkably simple. With fewer moving parts our system has outstanding dependability for long-term 24/7 operations and costs significantly less to maintain.

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The ScaleMate®

AutoCrib® VLM and ScaleMate® - The perfect partnership

Automate your supply chain and provide a tight inventory management system for small parts and fasteners with the use of weight-based technology.


Enjoy unmatched forensic lot traceability

The ScaleMate® system ensures every lot is physically compartmentalised and every transaction is recorded. You can review when an item was stocked, when it was issued, who it was issued to, what jobs it was issued for and other information showing the entire flow of your inventory. This is extremely helpful because you can track where the defective lot went and contact those customers quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate Waste

Track every item transaction to increase inventory turns and stock outs. Dispense exact amounts and prevent accidental asset management like fasteners drops into assemblies.

Automated Inventory

Inventory management with small parts and fasteners is difficult and time-consuming. Automation of this task allows your people to focus on value-added activities.

No Manual Counting

The ScaleMate® dispenses by exact weight and can detect when someone attempts to put something in the bin that isn’t assigned. The bin will then report the contamination to system admin.

Product Specifications


AutoCrib® VLM 


Machine Height 12'-6" to 39'-6"

Weight Capacity

Load Capacity 208kg per tray

Touchscreen Size


Enclosure Dimensions 

Machine Footprint 69" X 99"


Incoming Power Requirement 208-240 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 HZ, 20 Amp Service Required


12-month warranty



Weight Capacity

Handle weights up to 13kg.

Touchscreen Size


Enclosure Dimensions 

16” W (40cm) x 65” H (165cm) x 16” D (40cm) with scale at 37” (93cm) up from ground level


Compatible with RoboCrib® Line and is powered by companion


12-month warranty

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