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Business Audit By Frasar

When looking into new technologies businesses must be able to understand the potential benefits in order to do a full cost analysis of implementing new hardware or systems. At Frasar we can help you understand firstly what those benefits will be and secondly what they are worth to your business.

Let Frasar help your business understand the potential gains from industrial vending applications


All expenses have to be rationalised, especially when new processes and systems are being brought into a business to move it forwards. Here at Frasar we offer a service to help businesses understand exactly what benefits they are likely to gain from implementing industrial vending.

In the majority of cases the benefits that can be seen are financial savings, that alone can justify the spend on such systems. These come in the form of reducing inventory spend, increasing productivity, removing the need for manual stock counts & the raising of PO's, remove the need for attended stores and completely remove stock outs. Some of the other benefits although they do not give an initial financial gain they can yield much greater value to a business, such as  live tracking and control of all inventory stock, management of calibrated and reground items, elimination of FOD and audit compliance.


What We Offer

Our dedicated team at Frasar offer the below steps in order to assist teams build a business case for industrial vending:

Gain an initial understanding of the business - this comes in the form of understanding the reason why a business is looking at industrial vending and learning about the current business processes.

Understanding Costs - we look into current spending habits and also on areas of potential loss such as productivity.

System Recommendations - We make recommendations based around each individual business and normally offer multiple options including phased options if we deem a business needs or wants it.

Benefits - When we make the system recommendations we will also detail what a business is likely to see in benefits from installing industrial vending whether they be financial or other.


This service we offer can help businesses write CAPEX proposals to either justify initial outlay for the system or monthly costs if a business chooses to rent.


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