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RoboCrib® TX750

A world leading next generation industrial vending machine. Using an exclusive patented dual-tambour system to provide point-of-use access to industrial supplies.


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Key Benefits of the RoboCrib® TX750

Reduced Costs

TX750 will reduce your inventory spend by 20 - 50%


Reduce travel time and improve productivity


Automate ordering, receiving, stocking, and maintaining inventory


Track by item, department, user, machine and more for complete inventory control


24-7 availability with accountability for employee transactions


Improve job costing, inventory forecasting and demand planning


100% inventory visibility, reducing stock-outs and obsolete inventory


Control employee and department spending

Intelligent Automated Solutions

The RoboCrib® TX750 cloud data reporting platform gives you point-of-use control for supplies, parts, materials, keys and assets.

tx750 - dispense square packages

Dispense square packages or boxes

The RoboCrib® TX750 is the first machine that was specifically designed to dispense square or rectangular boxes or packages. This practically eliminates the need for repackaging items to fit in helix coil machines or carousels that use pie shaped bins. The dual-tambour approach coupled with a machine that utilizes square bins allows for an incredible amount of flexibility in bin sizes from 2” (50mm) height to 60” (1524mm) height.


Large 19" display

Stunning high-resolution 19” touch display, the largest of any industrial vending machine on the market.


Intuitive biometrics

Use your fingerprint to login or use traditional methods such as barcodes, prox cards, smart cards and mag-stripe ID cards.

We are the Official UK Provider for AutoCrib

TX750 - quickly configure on site

Quickly configure on-site

The simple user interface takes maximum advantage of the bin density and flexibility by simply sliding shelves into a rack. The machine walks you through a bin assignment process that is quick and easy. You can set up the machine with little to no prep work as you perform the initial stock or load.


Dramatically reduce maintenance costs

Our wealth of industrial vending experience has found reducing the number of moving parts significantly reduces maintenance. Utilising a dual tambour eliminates over 15 separate sub-systems therefore greatly reduces maintenance costs.


Intelligent key asset management

Keys are an important asset in any organisation giving you access to highly sensitive areas, machinery and vehicles. Intelligent key management systems only allow authorised users to access these keys, ensuring they always remain accounted for.

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The TX750 Device Depot

Personal storage in high-security environments

TX750 Device Depot

The world's first smart vending solution for completely secure individual storage of personal electronics in high-security environments.

Safeguard against more than just mobile phones

Threats to your data can come in many forms. For instance, devices with a USB charger, such as vaporisers, can conceal USB jump drives.

Keep employees safe and happy

Help ensure compliance with security regulations while reducing the risk of damage from heat, UV rays, etc. Keep employees happy!

Maximize storage space and efficiency

Store up to 365 electronic devices in a 3' x 3' footprint.

Product Specifications


RoboCrib TX750


Up to 987 SKUs (Unique Products) at 2” (5cm) bin height.

Weight Capacity

Up to 544 kg

Touchscreen Size


Enclosure Dimensions 

Width: 34.1” (86.6cm) x Height: 79.4” (201.7cm) x Depth: 41.4” (105.2cm)


100-240VAC— 50/60HZ, 5A/2.5A MAX with UPS Backup Battery


12-month warranty


TX750 Device Depot


Up to 365 Electronic Devices in 3' x 3' footprint.

Weight Capacity

Up to 544 kg

Touchscreen Size


Enclosure Dimensions 

Width: 34.1” (86.6cm) x Height: 79.4” (201.7cm) x Depth: 41.4” (105.2cm)


100-240VAC-- 50/60HZ, 5A/2.5A MAX with UPS Backup Battery


12-month warranty

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