Downtime in a petrochemical plant is a major source of cost and lost revenue. This must be avoided to maximise profits and crucial to the industry. Improving the reliability of your site and equipment will ensure downtime is minimised. 

Health and Safety is a key issue for the Petrochemical Industry. Manufacturing materials are often highly toxic and acidic, these need to be handled with the correct equipment as chemical spills, fires and smoke can have severe consequences in terms of downtime and injuries.

Our Industrial Vending Machines are just one of the innovative solutions we can offer in order to reduce your downtime, improve life expectancy and reduce maintenance costs.

Frasar can meet your supply and maintenance needs alongside your health and safety and environmental needs. Our supply network of local and world leading suppliers manufacture their products with you in mind. 

General Products Supplied

  • PPE
  • Industrial Vending Machines
  • Tools & Fasteners
  • Lubricants & Adhesives
  • Pneumatic & Electrical
  • Abrasives & Cutting Tools
  • General Consumables