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Anti-Graffiti Products

Anti-Graffiti Products

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FRASAR Anti-Graffiti Products offer excellent removal and long term protection against graffiti and poster vandalism. Graffiti and poster protection for exterior surfaces continues to be a universal problem for property owners and developers.


Graffiti and poster removal has always been a messy, expensive and time consuming process. Hazardous aggressive solvents are often used as cleaning agents and rarely is removal of graffiti one hundred per cent successful.


Our Graffiti Coatings can be applied to vulnerable exterior surfaces including concrete, brick, stone, render,

timber, metal, cladding and most sound previously painted surfaces.



  • Non sacrificial protective coating gives permanent cost effective protection against graffiti and poster vandalism.
  • All aesthetic features of the original finish are retained.
  • No damage to the original surface, even after repeated graffiti removal.
  • Water-Based Graffiti Removal Gel

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