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Category Information

Adhesives in FRASAR Range include threadlock, structural, instant, sealant, retaining, activator and anti-seize applications.

Adhesives are suitable for a large spectrum of jobs where strength variants are vital and the material is bespoke.


FRASAR Adhesive Range Includes:

  • Applicators & Dispensers
  • Gasketing Adhesive
  • Instant Bonding Adhesives
  • Loctite Industrial Sealants and Adhesives
  • Metal Filled Compound
  • Pipe and Thread Sealing
  • Retaining
  • Structural Bonding
  • Threadlock
  • Primers & Activators


When you are looking for a supplier than can meet all your industrial adhesive solutions, FRASAR will exceed all of your expectations. We stock a wide variety of products which are suitable for a broad range of applications.

When ordering from FRASAR, we ensure a cost-effective and productive route to adhesive buying. Our sales and technical team have the knowledge and experience in adhesive application equipment and cost reduction evaluations.

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