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Industrial Hose

Industrial Hose

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FRASAR supply industrial hose products that are the preferred choice for transferring abrasive materials, acid and chemicals, air, compressed gases, food, fuel, oil, steam, welding gases, water and many other materials. We deliver a variety of hoses which covers resistant to abrasion, chemicals, flame, heat, oil, ozone, ultraviolet light and weathering.

FRASAR knows that a hose assembly is potentially the weakest link in your production process. This can if faulty lead to a contamination, leakage and even a health and safety risk if it isn’t repaired in time. We know this is a key factor in your plant's performance and that you need confidence in the solution.

FRASAR provide specialist, market-leading, bespoke assemblies delivering proven performance and complete peace of mind.


FRASAR Industrial Hose Range Includes:

  • Fittings & Accessories
  • Flexible Ducting
  • Flexible Hose Tubing
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Hygienic Hose Assemblies
  • Metallic Hoses & Tubes
  • Rubber Hoses


Our knowledge and understanding of hose applications, acquired over years of working in the field, gives us a real advantage that we pass on to you in more effective, more reliable, customised, and even managed solutions.

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