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Supply Management Frasar Industrial Supplies

All too often, when negotiating with suppliers, industrial buyers focus almost exclusively on price. The goal is to get the best deal, the most parts, the best spec for the lowest cost. At FRASAR we feel this approach is both short term and potentially counterproductive.

We feel price should be the last part of negotiations, this is because customers should be looking at the added services that a supplier offers at zero added costs.

Instead of getting three quotes when buying parts, a close, one-supplier cuts sourcing, purchasing time, additional paperwork and emails, which enables your engineers to get on with their day to day work.

FRASAR can improve operating efficiency by having knowledge of your plant, this prevents overstocking of MRO stores which can tie up finances, as parts may be best sourced directly rather than being sat redundantly on a shelf.

We act as a Solutions Providing Consultant as well as a supplier, delivering reduced stockholding and refining the contents of your storeroom through expert knowledge. FRASAR expertise deliver engineering solutions that prevents customers downtime and improves profitability.

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