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Top 5 Savings Frasar Industrial Supplies

Do these affect your site?

‘’FRASAR knows that your engineer’s time is valuable, we know that any wasted time is extremely costly for your company.’’

Take a look below and see if you recognise any of these problems on your site?

  1. 13 mins – wasted searching for every replacement part – (Picture Clock with 13mins gone) 
  1. 50% MRO – Expenditure on deliveries is avoidable – (Picture Delivery van with 50% on it)
  1. 10% storage - costs are tied up in obsolete items – (Picture Old Part or Tool)
  1. 15% downtime – caused by lack of spare parts – (Picture Out of Order Sign)
  1. 10% budget – spent on unnecessary duplicated parts – (Picture unwanted parts?)
  1. 10-50% engineers – time wasted on non-core tasks – (Picture engineer not working) 
  1. 65% resource – dedicated to controlling just 10% of all purchases (Picture of 65% in Bold)

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