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Waste & Recycling

Waste & Recycling

Industry Information

Waste and Recycling industry has numerous challenges, through environmental pressures to increase recycling, whilst adhering to stringent Health and Safety regulations with regards to the collection, processing and disposal of waste. In recent times there has been increased pressures on local authorities to meet recycling targets set by the government.

This increased pressure from the government has resulted in a huge increase in maintenance and repair costs as machines are worked beyond their life span.

An area which FRASAR helps its clients is to demonstrate that lower downtime and lower maintenance cost is through OEM maintenance. Through experience FRASAR knows that all machines are asked to do more than they were designed for, so as a rule we will always offer products which are equivalents or are better than what is being replaced, this will in time increase efficiency and plant uptime.

FRASAR can support all of your maintenance and repair needs with products from leading suppliers. We will work to your budgets and specifications in order to supply the best possible solution ensuring that you can keep up with your changing industry.

A huge concern for Waste & Recycling companies is that of Health and Safety, not only for collection employees but also for disposal sites. FRASAR supplies a range of products to reduce the risk of incidents as well as ensuring that all products are developed with health and safety in mind.

From product supply to repair or replace and from service support to onsite maintenance. FRASAR has the infrastructure and technical knowledge to make a difference to your business.

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