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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Industry Information

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry face pressures from every angle with quality, flexibility and efficiency the biggest concerns.

Manufacturers need to contend with staying competitive in today’s global market. To increase efficiency, manufacturers need to minimise downtime through better and more effective maintenance.

Product quality is extremely important with many discussions around supply chain management versus supply chain quality. FRASAR believes quality needs to be a part of everything we do and as such we surround ourselves with the best in class suppliers with many products UL and EN approved.

Stringent regulations, health and safety and compliance issues are key to ensuring you avoid disastrous product recalls and prosecutions. We understand the pressures placed upon our customers and can recommend solutions that not only meet regulations but reduce customer costs and increase efficiency.

Frasar’s twin business model approach to the market means that we are in the unique position of being able to satisfy not only MRO needs but also the needs of the medical equipment OEM’s. From precision bearings to an anti-static ducting, Frasar has the capability to meet and exceed your supply needs.

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