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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Industry Information

The Oil and Gas Industry is tasked with meeting the worlds energy needs. This Industry faces tough challenges which include regulations on Health and Safety, ever changing consumer demand and huge political and environmental concerns.

FRASAR understand that there are a variety of external factors determine this industry’s success, however we know that in order to stay ahead and maintain a competitive advantage you need to maximise efficiency and this is where we can help.

FRASAR experience in the oil and gas industry is helping production operators and specialist service providers to increase output, reduce operational costs and manage key equipment which is essential to long term profits.

Bearings, Seal , Lubricants and Fasteners are just some of the products supplied to meet the industry standards and provide innovative solutions to improve life expectancy and reduce maintenance costs.

Our Technical team, understand the need for quick turnarounds due to tight deadlines and are providing rapid response to repair or supply, helping you keep your key assets running.

From product supply to full on site solutions FRASAR has the technical knowledge and infrastructure to support your every need.

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