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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Industry Information

Food and Beverage is an industry which is always on the move. Which means with ever changing consumer preferences production lines never stay the same for long.

FRASAR react to production ramp ups, with increased personnel availability, transactional history is reflected in our ordering and stocking systems, which means when you need a part we will have it available.

Governed by extremely rigorous standards and legislations from FDA Approvals, EU regulations and the HSE, means your manufacturing facility has to be clean and safe. In addition Food Hygiene is a huge part, not only to satisfy authorities but to avoid product recalls and to protect the brand that you rely on.

FRASAR supports its many Food and Beverage customers through a range of MRO support, however we also offer contractor and engineering expertise through many of our tried and tested partners.

This competitive industry requires a huge variety of products, maintaining high quality whilst reducing your production costs. As if this wasn’t enough, there is an added pressure to reduce energy costs and corporate pressure to meet sustainability targets.

This is where FRASAR can help, we understand the pressures of working in food and Beverage and we have the knowledge and know how to help our clients.

We support our clients in a variety of ways, from specialised product supplier to maintenance supply partner, there is a level of support for everyone. And with a client list of St Helens Farm, Stockleys sweets and Morris Co to name a few, you can be confident that FRASAR can support you.

See our F&B customer case study for yourself!

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