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Frequent changes in the buy price of raw materials has increased, leaving manufacturers needing to increase efficiency and decrease downtime to stay on top.

Manufacturers are faced with the need to boost yields meaning a reduction in energy costs in order to reduce their costs. A large portion of manufacturers maintain their own sites. FRASAR have a range of services, products and years of experience which will ensure a reduction for your plant.

Downtime in a steelworks or manufacturing facility means increased costs and in some cases major problems for their customers. A single stoppage could take months if not years to recover from.

FRASAR understands these needs and have the experience and product range to ensure cost savings year on year. From supply to maintenance we can guarantee a reduction in your downtime and decrease in costs.

In addition, health and safety is a huge concern, with employees surrounded by dangerous equipment on a daily basis. From experience we know that one of the largest causes of accidents is slippages in the workplace, we offer a range of specialist Anti-Slip Coatings to prevent slippages. This is just one of the ways in which we have helped to ease one of your health and safety issues.

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